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When You See The WSOPC In Cherokee, Better Be There!

Chapter 33 | WSOP Cherokee April | The Poker Player.

One week later…

The security guard outside the poker room pointed to an old man walking away with a toilet seat cover attached to his pants and said, “Are you going to tell him?”

“Umm … why don’t you tell him? You’re here to protect everyone.”

“How would not telling him put people at risk?”

“It’s not something people want to see.”

“They don’t have to look.”

“But they don’t look on purpose. Sometimes you just turn your head and see something you don’t want to see.”

He didn’t reply.

“So, you’re not going to tell him?” I asked.

The security guard shook his head and stared at me.

“You’re putting me in an awkward spot,” I explained. “I should do it, but I just can’t.”

The security guard shrugged as though I was a bad person, yet he wasn’t telling him either. In the end, we let the old man walk around the casino with a toilet seat cover attached to his ass.

Cash Game

This trip started out good with a 2/5 cash game because the player to my right was one of the worst players I have ever seen. Something else happened during this session. I spied a fingernail on the felt in front of me. I don’t like having random fingernails in front of me when I play poker, so when Slick Rick With A Toothpick wasn’t looking from two seats to my right, I flicked the fingernail in front of his stack. He didn’t notice.

A few minutes later, Slick Rick With A Toothpick spotted the fingernail and tossed it over his left shoulder. Maybe he thought it was good luck.

I’m in random-note mode here, so I apologize, but I want to present the information as I recorded it. In the Monster Stack right before the dinner break, a guy with an exact chip stack to mine put me all-in. I had JJ and tanked. I eventually called. He didn’t like this. As he showed TT, he said, “Oh, so you’re an asshole? You slow-rolled me with jacks?!”

“Good thing you’re not emotional about it.”

Cash Games for this trip:

+ $247

+ $243

+ $47

+ $54

+ $400

Tournaments for this trip:

Zero cashes.

WSOPC Cherokee

I bought in late to the Nightly and said to the heavy guy to my left, “I’m looking for a Red Bull and a massage, Can you give me either of those?”

He bought me a Red Bull.

I’ve had some bad WSOPC Cherokee trips. On my four worst, there was always a bad omen in the car on the way there:

Triple Pimple

Speeding Ticket

Forest Fires

Chipped Tooth (this trip while eating an apple)

Every time I have driven to the WSOPC Cherokee without any incidents, I have won. Therefore, I have a plan. If there is anything strange going on in either of my armpits or if there are forest fires, I will not go. If I chip my tooth on the way there, I’ll just turn around and go back home. And I will try to slow down. 

We all know the truth though. I can write any kind of bullshit plans I want, but the truth is that if the WSOPC is running in Cherokee, I’ll be there.

WSOP Cherokee April (overall): -$2,009 (for the record, I don’t have the exact number for this trip, but it was very close to this number).

Profit/Loss: + $16,252

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