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Weird Little Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy That Makes Money

There are many ways to get better at poker. The best way is to play poker. As I often say (or write), there is no substitute for experience. This applies to pretty much anything in life, including poker. Therefore, the best poker strategy you can apply is to get out there and play. At the same time, you want to make sure you’re armed with a lot of Texas Hold’em poker strategy prior to playing.

While there is no substitute for experience, information is also power, and the more information you have, the better the experience. With me so far? Cool. Because what I’m about to tell you might sound a bit out there, but it’s definitely true: Watch more poker to get better at poker.

Off The Felt Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy

There are several forms of training for poker.

One is to read/listen to poker books. You can find all different kinds of poker books, from fun low-stakes books that are based on entertainment to high-stakes technical books that will help your game if you’re looking to play $25k buy-in poker tournaments.

That probably sounds like a whopping number, but where do you think those people started? They started where you are now. Almost anyone can climb to that level. It’s a matter of determination and effort. If you’re playing low-stakes, I would definitely recommend The Perfect Range.

Texas hold'em poker strategy - the perfect range poker book

Disclaimer: I wrote that book, but I have received so much positive feedback for turning people’s games around that I would being you a disservice not to mention it. The poker strategy within the book is a simple concept and highly effective. And the book reads like a story, not a poker strategy book. Therefore, you should be entertained.

Two is to study the poker hands so you can pick them apart and determine what could have been done differently if it was a loss. There are many professional poker players who help each other out in this manner. They evaluate hands they played to get feedback from others. They want to see if there is anything they could have done differently.

This, by the way, is why losing isn’t always bad. You need to lose sometimes in order to learn. Poker pros rarely share information on winning hands because, in their minds, there is nothing to correct. In reality, there might be something to correct because it’s possible they could have extracted more chip(s) from their opponents.

Three is to watch poker games on television. There aren’t many professions or hobbies where you can get better at what you’re doing by watching television, but this is definitely the case for poker. Since this is the focus on the article, let’s delve into this a little more.

Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy – Watching Poker On Television

The first thing I want to point out is that I used to get mad at the television. I would be standing (not sitting) in the living room, watching the Main Event of the WSOP, and I would start saying some bad things. In some cases, it would be how people played their poker hands, but it was usually about the bad beats.

At the time, I didn’t like how there were so many bad beats on the river. I started to wonder what was going on with the game. In short, my mindset about the game of poker became negative. But then I thought about it more and realized something.

I applied my business mind and did some research. It should have already been obvious to me, but what I learned is that they don’t show most poker hands played in the WSOP. If they did that, the Main Event would be playing on television all year. And the camera crew can’t get to every table in the room, where there are thousands of poker players. Even the majority of what they film is never aired.

Texas hold'em poker strategy - wsop

So, if you’re watching the Main Event on PokerGo, you’re not seeing the whole story. What you are seeing is the best part of the story as well as the most exciting part of the story.

What I’m trying to say is that the reason I saw so many bad beats on the river is because that’s what’s exciting to the average viewer and poker fan. Look at it this way. If you watched big poker hands in the Main Event and it always turned out that top pair held vs. a flush draw, would you ooh and ahh when the river card was dealt?

No! It would be like watching a tennis player go for winners and instead they kept hitting it into the net. The real excitement is the overhead slam, or at least something unexpected.

The message here is to not get a negative mindset about the game of poker because of what you see on television. What you’re seeing is the exciting part, and it’s not even close to the whole story. If you want more of the story, you can stream big poker tournaments on PokerGo.

Most poker players who watch poker on television only watch the Main Event of the WSOP, but there are so many other options. And you’re going to learn more with those poker tournaments than you will with the Main Event of the WSOP. The Main Event of the WSOP attracts a lot of people with money, which doesn’t always lead to the best decision making. You might watch some people run good, at least for a while, but that’s about it.

Before getting to more on what PokerGo can offer, let’s first cover how to watch the Main Event of the WSOP. The best way to approach this and apply Texas Hold’em poker strategy is to decipher the amateurs from the pros. This should be relatively easy because the commentators will usually tell you, and because each player’s profession will be shown on the screen. Once you find out which poker players are pros, look them up, especially on HendonMob. If they have more than $1 million in live earnings, then you can take them very seriously.

These are the poker players you want to watch. They might not win on this very day, but if you watch the way they play, you will pick up a lot. In fact, I will add watching high-earning poker players on television as one of our poker rules for winning.

As you watch these players, you will likely pick up on a few things. One, their body movements and facial expressions are subtle. Two, they play very few poker hands out of position and pretty much never get out of line, such as limping with marginal hands from UTG. Three, they will play more poker hands against amateurs.

In regards to the latter, you will likely see them pull off some bluffs against amateurs, but only if the amateur they’re up against has a sense of what they’re doing. I know that’s ironic, but professional poker players know that it’s harder to bluff bad players. This is a simple Texas Hold’em poker strategy that you should also apply. A poker pro will only attempt a big bluff against another pro if his story really makes sense and he knows his opponent will see it that way. This is where it becomes some serious psychological warfare.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can watch the amateurs play so you know what not to do. Don’t get me wrong. Some amateur poker players apply strong Texas Hold’em poker strategy, but they are the exception to the rule. Most amateur poker players are just playing their cards. They also tend to call draws when implied odds say not to do so, and if you watch really carefully, they give their hands away.

Amateur poker players give their hands away in several ways…

One, their betting patterns tell you the answers. If you watch poker games on PokerGo and spot an amateur, pay careful attention. You will notice that their actions match their hands. For example, if they have top pair on the flop, they always bet out. If they have a flush draw on the flop, they always call. If they have nothing, they check. This is a poor Texas Hold’em poker strategy.

Two, if they put their chips out quickly, it means they’re not taking time to process how many chips they can extract from their opponent(s). The fast bet almost always means they’re trying to protect a marginal hand.

Three, if you ask them a question about any of their poker hands, they will usually give something away. If you ask them if they have the nuts and they smirk, they don’t have the nuts. If they have the nuts, they’re going to remain completely stoic. And if they tell you that they’re “just trying to go home,” they have the nuts. It’s when they have awkward and unnatural movements and words that they’re bluffing. If you think this is difficult to pick up in real life at the poker table, watch it on PokerGo. You will see it.

PokerGo Benefits

I have mentioned PokerGo several times, so please allow me to elaborate on what it can offer. Some poker players watch PokerGo so they can improve their Texas Hold’em poker strategy, and others watch is simply for entertainment purposes. What’s funny is that those who are watching it for entertainment purposes are also picking up Texas Hold’em poker strategy; they’re just doing it subconsciously.

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Yes, it’s possible to pick up poker rules for winning subconsciously. That said, you should always make a conscious effort to improve your Texas Hold’em poker strategy.

PokerGo offers access to WSOP, WPT, the U.S. Poker Open, exclusive access to Super High Roller buy-in poker tournaments, and more. If you really want to learn more about Texas Hold’em poker strategy, watch the Super High Roller buy-in tournaments. These players are playing at another level. Think of it like this. If the WSOP Circuit is the NBA in one season, the Super High Roller buy-in poker tournaments are the greatest players of all time.

Good Circuit players are very strong and know what they’re doing, but they will not consistently win in Super High Roller buy-in tournaments. This means that you should be watching the best of the best in order to maximize your Texas Hold’em poker strategy effectiveness. And the place to maximize that effectiveness is on PokerGo.

You can stream PokerGo on all devices. You will also have access to PokerGo originals as well as poker classics. Below is a short list of ten videos you will find on the PokerGo app…

Jeff Gross Gets Coolered
Hosseein Enson Wins Main Event for $10,000,000
Poker After Dark
Super High Roller Cash Game
DON’T DO THIS at a WSOP Final Table
Daniel Negreanu Next Level Read
Is He Really Going to Fold Three Aces?
Set Over Set for $571,500
PLO with Master Ivey
FOLDING QUEENS in $10,000 buy-in Poker Tournament?!

Only one of these PokerGo videos is strictly for entertainment purposes. If you look at those PokerGo video titles closely, you will see that most of them will help you with Texas Hold’em poker strategy. And you might learn something about PLO, but I would recommend sticking with Texas Hold’em poker strategy prior to moving to PLO, which is a bit more complicated. It’s also a bit more fun, but one step at a time.

If PokerGo sounds like it’s a fit for you, then it’s $10 per month if you pay monthly and $8.25 per month if you pay annually.

Final Thoughts

You can learn a lot about Texas Hold’em poker strategy simply by watching poker. The problem is that you can’t always find poker on television. If you want access to poker on television all the time, then you might want to consider the PokerGo app, available on pokergo.com, Roku, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, android, amazon fireTV, chromecast and xbox.

It offers everything from big-name poker tournaments to big buy-in poker tournaments. Poker players must like PokerGo considering it has 115,000 followers and 89,131 likes on Facebook. With PokerGo, you can educate yourself while also being entertained.

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Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy – FAQs

Q: How do I improve my poker skills?

A: I recommend reading poker articles, reading poker books, taking online courses, watching poker on TV and playing in low-stakes cash games and/or low buy-in poker tournaments.

Q: Does reading poker books really help?

A: Yes! Ask dozens of my fans who read The Perfect Range. For some of them, it didn’t just change their game; it changed their lives. You can literally find people on my Facebook Friends page, contact them and ask them.

Q: How do you practice poker?

A: By playing more often. There is nothing like being in the trenches.

Q: How does watching poker on TV help my poker game?

A: You can learn a lot about poker strategy simply by watching poker. It’s true they’re only showing you the most entertaining hands, but it helps motive you.