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We currently have a couple of writers with plenty to say about the game of poker. Our main contributor is Tyler Nals who has written 11 poker-themed books and counting and plays in poker tournaments around the country. He focuses on making poker fun. If all goes according to plan, one of his stories, The Dark Side of the Felt, will be on the big screen within one year.

The general idea of is to teach how to play winning Texas Hold’em Tournament Poker and help you navigate tournaments to outmaneuver, outplay and outlast the competition and get to the final table more often. Basically the goal is to teach you how to get deeper into tournaments and cash more often in Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments.

As the game of poker evolves, we hope you stay with us on this journey. We know there is an unlimited amount of insight on poker and its community out there and there is still much more we can do. Great content will be continually added in the future.

Our goal is to continue producing top quality information on all types of poker. We will continue to improve and grow’s content because there is nothing like the game of poker, it’s an enthralling game that once you learn the you’ll never stop playing.